Who We Are

“Inspired by the Gospel values of justice and compassion, Xavier House exists as a Christian community of hospitality and service where, in an atmosphere of love, healing and joy, all receive respect, dignity and professional care and are challenged to personal growth and wholeness.”

Our History

The building that would become the Xavier House was originally known as the St. Francis Xavier Convent, and was the home of the Presentation Sisters who taught in the Corner Brook school system from 1947-1983.

After the closure of the convent in 1983, negotiations began to find a viable use for the building, and initially it was to be sold to the then R.C School Board for Humber St. Barbe for office space.

However, around the same time the local Social Services Department identified the need for supervised housing for adults with special needs. As a result, the Congregation in collaboration with the Department of Health and the Corner Brook Division of Social Services under took the project of converting the convent into a licensed home for this purpose, and so, Xavier House was born.

Who We Are

The staff at Xavier House on an outing with some of our residents (2020)

Xavier House is a non-profit entity with registered charitable status, and is owned and operated by the Presentation Congregation. It opened in December of 1985 under the direction of Sister Nano Parsley  to offer a supervised home setting for persons who suffer from mental illness.

With the restructuring of the health care system in the late 1990’s , licensed personal care homes came under the umbrella of what is now the Western Regional Integrated Health Authority and Xavier House follows the standards set out by this health authority.

Contact Us

For additional information on our home contact us at (709)634-2787 or email xavierhouseoffice@nf.aibn.com